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We like to make things simple and hassle-free for our clients. You don't need endless confusing options or extras to choose from.


This is why we offer an easy, all-in-one service. In essence, this means that we will translate, edit, and quality control your text, for one flat-rate fee with no hidden extras.


For our end-clients, we'll also happily manage the project from start to finish so that the translation we deliver can be used right away.


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This is at the core of what we do. We have a close-knit team of dedicated and experienced translators to give your text the attention it deserves to make it shine in its new language.


editing & quality control


Nobody's perfect, despite what we may think. A finger can easily slip. A comma can easily be missed. This is why we have a hawk-eyed editor close by to pick holes in everything we do. And that's no bad thing. Our editors will not only check that our spelling, grammar, and punctuation are as perfect as they can be, but they will also make suggestions as to the style and idiom of the text so that no one will ever imagine that it is a translation.


source review


Maybe you're already quite proficient in one of our languages and have written a text yourself and just want to double-check that everything's alright? No problem. One of our editors will happily review a source text to make sure it's in tip-top condition... After all, we know how difficult it can be for Swedes to conjugate their verbs correctly!


transcreation & localisation


Now here are two words which you might not have heard before. Transcreation and localisation can be quite challenging, but they really allow our translators and editors to show off their creative flair.


We start with a source text, but we don't just translate it. We adapt it and mould it to suit its new target audience in its new language. This might involve changing the idiom and style of the text, perhaps changing the names of places and people, or even removing things that are acceptable in the source culture but offensive in the target language.


This is all about making the new text stand out in its own language.


transcription & time spotting


It's good to talk, but it's good to have things written down as well. If you have a video or audio file that you need transcribed and/or translated, then we're here to help.


If needed, we'll also time spot the transcription so that the text is ready to be used for subtitles.