honesty is the best policy


Money. Always a difficult subject, isn't it? We find that honesty is the best policy.


We charge our clients honest and fair prices, while paying our team an honest and fair price for the work they do. On average, our clients pay around GBP 100 / EUR 130 for the translation of 1,000 words into English from a Nordic language. As much of this as possible is passed on to the translator and editor, taking into account the costs that The Nordic Word incurs for managing the project.


For short and simple texts, our clients can expect to pay a little less. For something more complex and challenging, or for something urgent, they can expect to pay a little more. Also, the software that we use for much of our translation work often enables us to give a competitive discount based on how repetitive the text is. After all, why should our clients pay for a word twice when we only translate it once?


As we said, honesty is the best policy.

On average

GBP 100

for 1000 words

for translation & editing