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Time is precious... let's not waste it on exchanging endless e-mails, preparing quotes, analysing files, and all that jazz.


That's why we work with a swanky piece of kit called Memsource. It's like a project manager in the cloud and is great for saving time on mundane tasks.


If this is your first time at The Nordic Word, why not use our secure booking service. It's so easy:


  1. Select the source and target language(s)

  2. Select the service you require

  3. Choose your file and get a price
    Most editable file types like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and HTML are all fine. Once your file loads, you'll be given a price immediately. Repeated text is taken into account and the price will reflect this.


  4. Enter your e-mail address
    If you're happy with the price, enter your e-mail address. You'll have to verify your e-mail address the first time you use the service... just to be safe)


  5. Enter your desired delivery date and other info 
    We'll get in touch if we need to suggest an alternative... we can get quite busy. You can also add a project name and notes if required.


  6. Send your booking!
    As a finishing touch, you will of course receive a friendly confirmation from a human (probably Richard) just to double check things... after all, we can't trust computers with everything, right?

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